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[Notice] Schedule for Live Discussion of CAV2021 (Presentation Code)

2021-03-22 18:28
We would like to inform you of the program of the 11th International Symposium on Cavitation (CAV2021).

In the live discussion session, there will be 15 minutes for each presenter; playing 10 minutes of pre-recorded presentation video subsequent 5 minutes of live discussion (Q&A). The staff will play the video that you will submit throughout all sessions.

The ten minutes pre-recorded presentation video which will be also available on the online platform will be played before the five minutes live discussion (Q&A).
Given this, about 15 minutes of every presenter will be recorded by zoom under the authors’ prior consent.

Only the registrants of CAV2021 will have the access to the material until the next symposium, CAV2024.

Please refer to the attachment to find your schedule of Live Discussion.
It is possible to use a function that ctrl+F to find the text easily in the file.

CAV2021_Paper List_Schedule for Live Discussion (April 6) - latest version

We sent detailed information to all authors via e-mail that you have entered on the submission system.
If you have any inquiries or there is some error with your paper information, please feel free to contact us.